Allen Brewery Owner Accused of Murder, Wire Fraud

Keith T. Ashley is accused of staging a James "Jim" Seegan's death to look like a suicide

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Keith T. Ashley, the owner of Nine Band Brewing Company in Allen, is accused of cooking up a plan to steal money through financial fraud and murder.

The investigation starts back in February when police were called to the Carrollton home of Jim Seegan for an apparent suicide.

"There were some things, in evidence from the scene, that instantly had our detectives say let's take a closer look at this one," Carrollton Police information manager Jolene DeVito said.

An arrest warrant said police found a gun in Seegan's left hand resting on his left thigh. But his wife told police he was right-handed and didn't own a gun.

Police also discovered Ashley was a financial advisor for Seegan.

"But the deeper they looked into the finances the more troubling it became," DeVito said.

Carrollton police teamed with federal authorities. They claimed Ashley defrauded at least six people out of more than $1 million in what they call a Ponzi-type scheme.

A federal indictment said he used the money for "personal expenses and personal benefit, such as brewery expenses, spending at casinos, payments on personal credit cards, mortgage payments, college tuition, and student loan payments…"

"There could be more so that's one of the reasons we are putting this out there,” DeVito said. “If you interacted with this man if you feel like you were also a victim reach out and let us know."

The investigation continues, but police are pleased with reaching this point for the sake of Seegan's family.

"It's been a really difficult journey and year for this family,” DeVito said. “We're just hoping today gives them a little bit of peace."

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