Alleged Uptown Shooter Asks for Forgiveness, Claims Self-Defense

A man accused of gunning down a young father in Uptown last weekend spoke out from jail and provided a different account of the incident.

Christopher McKinney Jr., 23, is charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of Demondre Green, 29.

McKinney says he is asking for forgiveness but also claims the shooting was in self-defense.

"I'm not a monster," said McKinney during the jailhouse interview with NBC 5. "Just please forgive me. I know I did wrong, just please forgive me."

McKinney is accused of killing Green and injuring Green's brother early Sunday morning in Uptown.

Green's brother told family and police the two had been trying to drive out of a tight parking spot when the suspect, who was parked behind them, warned them not to hit his car.

According to family, some words were exchanged and the suspect then walked up to the drivers' side window flashing a gun.

Green reportedly responded, "What are you going to do with that? And the suspect then began shooting into the car," according to family.

It is an account McKinney disputes.

"I'm not saying what I did was right or anything like that, but I'm just saying I was just trying to protect my life," said McKinney.

McKinney claims Green had a gun too and threatened him after admitting to hitting his new car several times.

"I know no one believes me ma'am but he said it first, miss," said McKinney. "He was like, 'I'll shoot you right now,' and he pulled out his gun and that's why I pulled my gun too. And I didn't want for it to happen like that at all. I didn't."

Asked: Did you shoot Demondre Green?

"Yes, ma'am,'" he responded. "Just protecting myself."

Asked: If the situation was as McKinney alleges, then why leave the scene?

"Because I was scared, miss," he responded. "Honestly, I have never got into no trouble like that at all."

According to an arrest warrant, Dallas police arrested McKinney after a witness who knows McKinney positively identified him in a lineup as the shooter.

McKinney says he works two jobs, is in school, has two small children and two more on the way.

He is now left hoping Green's two little girls, baby boy and the rest of his family find solace and forgiveness.

"I just want to say I apologize to y'all and I didn't mean to take him away from y'all. I know what I did was awful and so wrong and disgusting but I'm not a monster," he said.

NBC 5 reached out to Dallas police for comment on this version of events.

The department's spokesperson says neither victim was found to be in possession of a weapon.

DPD also says they are not looking for additional suspects but are asking for anyone who may have cell phone video before or after the shooting to contact Detective David Grubbs at 214-671-3675 or

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