Texas Legislators Consider Sunday Alcohol Sales, Daylight Saving Time

March 9 is the last day for filing most bills in the Texas Legislature. With the clock ticking, we took a look at some of the bills that have been filed so far.

Once again, there are bills in the state house and senate to bring an end to the observance of Daylight Saving Time, with SB190 and HB49. Similar bills were presented during the last session.

Red light cameras are once again an issue being discussed in HB1631 and SB653. Last session, a bill to prohibit the cameras passed the senate, but did not get through the house. This time around, there is a bill to prohibit the devices in both chambers.

Several marijuana bills have been filed in Austin, including HB2262 and SB653. There are bills in both the house and the senate to allow medical marijuana for certain conditions, including cancer, autism and PTSD.

HB 1325 has also been introduced to legalize and regulate hemp production and hemp derivatives, extracts and cannabidiols in the state of Texas. The legality of hemp, and CBD, in the state has been examined in a recent series of reports by NBC 5 Investigates.

Lastly, right now you can’t buy liquor in the state of Texas on Sunday. SB785 seeks to change when liquor stores can be open and when they can sell liquor for off-premises consumption.

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