Alamo Drafthouse Set to Open Lake Highlands Location

Popcorn and A-list stars are not attracting movie goers like they used to.

The country’s largest movie chain, “AMC,” saw an attendance drop in 2017. Meanwhile, there is a another trend, surrounding the dine-in movie experience, gaining traction.

Theaters like Studio Movie Grill and Alamo Drafthouse, which is soon opening a new location in Lake Highlands, have based their business around the consumer. Advancements in technology and streaming services, like Netflix, give consumers ultimate control when it comes to entertainment.

Alamo Drafthouse's Lake Highlands theater will be the Texas-based company’s third location in Dallas-Fort Worth. Plush reclining seating, a full menu and bar, along with movie theme nights help set the cinema a part from traditional theaters.

The official opening day is Marc 28.

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