AISD Parents Camp Out for School Transfers

More than 30 camping permits have been issued to Arlington parents waiting to fill out transfer applications so their children can attend different schools next year.

It may be the last year of the policy after Arlington Independent School District officials confirmed they're in discussions to come up with an alternative solution.

This year, however, dozens of parents are sleeping in the Arlington ISD Administration parking lot waiting for Saturday morning. That's when they can transfer their kids into different schools than the ones they are zoned for.

While most parents said they are sleeping in their cars, many parents are sleeping in campers or even in tents that pitched on the parking lot lawn.

Sharon Menkins is trying to transfer her 14-year-old son into a new high school next year. She's been sleeping in her car since Tuesday night. Menkins is the eleventh one in line.

"I have to turn the heat and try to stay warm. Use lots of pillows and covers and try my best to get cozy," said Sharon Menkins. "It's not fun sleeping out in a car. It's cold out here."

Some parents have been camped out all week long.

"It's a sacrifice than any mother has to take. When you birth a child into this world, you'd do whatever it takes to get them to the top of the ladder," Menkins said.

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