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Airlines Prepare for Resurgence of Summer Travel

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Almost everywhere you look in North Texas, there are signs that summer is near. With Memorial Day less than a week away, some feel a greater sense of appreciation for what this holiday might look like compared to last year.

More than 37-million people are expected to travel this weekend. A 60% percent increase from this time last year. Many say after the year we’ve had, they’ll try to make up for time and opportunities lost.

“We can get out and do things we didn’t do things we couldn’t do before,” said Irving resident, Bill Spae. “We’re still a little hesitant about getting on an airplane so we’ll drive a lot of places. But overall, we’ve got four trips planned. And last year we had none.”

The CDC expects a sharp decline in U.S. COVID cases by the end of July. Still, in anticipation of millions of people traveling each day, TSA extended its mask requirements for travelers to September 13.

Dallas resident Brandon Phillips says he’s making plans he never dreamed of last year.

“I have Fredericksburg on my list right now. I want to say also possibly Iceland,” said Phillips.

AT DFW Airport, airline officials are preparing for the official return of travelers.

“At DFW we will be welcoming back about 3200 flights this weekend. System-wide, American Airlines will be operating about 22,000 flights,” said Jim Moses, VP of DFW hub operations for American Airlines.

Ultimately, this Memorial Day not only signifies a resurgence of travel but a chance to reconnect with loved ones.

“It’s heartfelt seeing them physically not just virtual through zoom,” said Phillips. “But actually seeing them face to face warms me up inside.”

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