Airlines More Unpopular Than IRS

Americans dislike airlines so much they even rank them below the taxman.

In a recent poll by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, airlines ranked as one of the most unsatisfactory industries in the United States -- lower than even the Internal Revenue Service.

"It's pretty funny," said Rick Seaney, of

"When you think of it, you actually rank airlines below the people that come and take your money away from you," he said.

Of course traveler Douglass Northcott points out that filing taxes and flying cross-country both have their downfalls.

"Which would you rather wrestle --a 15-foot alligator or a 15-foot crocodile?" he said. "I mean, they'll both eat you up."

Other travelers at Dallas Love Field said recent changes such as baggage fees and security pat-downs bother them the most.

"It costs us $60 just to check two bags on the way out here, which is kind of ridiculous," Diana Bawcom said.

Seaney said airlines have taken a beating in the past decade with struggles such as the Sept. 11 terror attacks and the recession.

He said fixing the industry's reputation won't be easy.

"I think you start off with a couple things," he said. "First of all, you have to have some consistent rules."

Seaney said airlines need to have things such as the same baggage fees, weight limits and security screenings across the board so travelers know what to expect when they arrive at the airport.

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