Air Force Cadet Returns to NTX to Make Friend's Dreams Come True

Just about every high school girl dreams of going to her senior prom. It wasn't anything Jillian Letier mentioned, until her friend Nick Waterman popped the question last Friday.

Jillian was born with a rare congenital disorder that affects her ability to speak or walk. Waterman was her peer tutor at Highland Park High School and now attends the Air Force Academy.

"He just had a card that said, 'Prom,'" recalled Jillian's mother, Donna Letier.

The "promposal" was captured on video.

"Do you want to go to prom with me?" Waterman is heard asking a shocked and excited Jillian.

"That was a yes, right?" Waterman joked.

Waterman graduated two years ago, but came back to North Texas just to escort Jillian to the prom.

"You're not supposed to peak in high school, but this is probably the highlight of her life," Donna Letier said. "I'm pretty sure everyone was like, 'Holy cow, who is Jillian with? He was pretty handsome."

Jillian agreed with a loud "Yeah!"

"She feels like she has a true friend in Nick," Donna Letier explained. "She loves him the way you love when you don't know what love entails, so you love with your whole heart."

The girl's mother hopes the gesture of friendship will be a lesson for others.

"He will tell his friend what he did and they will look at it and maybe look at people with differences a little differently," Donna Letier said. "I think that's really great."

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