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Air Conditioning Repair Companies Working OT in Texas Heat

Air conditioning repair companies have been working overtime in recent weeks to keep up with increased demand.

“Probably between 70-80 hours a week, and that’s between Monday through Saturday,” said Ryan Hall, with Fort Worth Air Conditioning, about his work schedule.

Hall and Christian Tucker are a two-man team, covering Tarrant County, primarily.

Monday afternoon, a service call took them to south Fort Worth, and a home where the air conditioning shut off over the weekend.

The temperature inside the home was pushing 90 degrees by 5 p.m. – slightly cooler than the approximate 99 degrees outside – due in part to a well-insulated house, according to the homeowner.

Although 90 degrees is uncomfortable, Hall said he routinely sees far worse.

“When it breaks into the hundreds, a house can get 105, 100. One-fifteen, I’ve even seen inside a house before. That just gets unbearable,” Hall said.

The problem at this particular home was that the compressor overheated because the capacitor went bad, according to Hall.

“They go bad frequently, especially when it gets real hot outside,” Hall said. “It puts a lot of strain on these motors.”

July and August are the “busy season” for his company, and others, Hall said.

The repair, plus a service package moving forward, can cost the homeowner approximately $450.

Nearby, the next call was far easier – and cheaper.

“I want to stay in the cool – not deal with any problems unexpectedly,” said homeowner Lance Lehner, about why he called for service.

Lehner said his A/C system seemed to be straining recently to maintain the 78-degree temperature he and his family prefer inside.

A quick, but thorough check confirmed that the system is working properly, according to Hall, and the cost to Lehner was $99.

A/C repair companies are not only working overtime to keep people comfortable. They’re also helping to keep people safe.

Hall told NBCDFW his company does a lot of work with a company that provides service for veterans with disabilities.

“A lot of times we go out to their houses and it’s just unbearable,” Hall said. “And they’re stuck in their house because of their disabilities. And, so, they’re more of a top-priority customer of ours. That, and the elderly people, and people with young children and pregnant women.”

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