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Aggressive Passenger Tased, Arrested at DFW Airport

Airport police fired a taser at the man after he swung at an officer

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A man is in the Tarrant County Jail after his dramatic arrest that unfolded in front of passengers waiting for flights at DFW Airport.

It happened Thursday in Terminal B.

Witnesses said the man, who arrived on a flight from Orlando, was smoking at a customer service counter past security.

He was asked to put out his cigarette. He complied by dropping it into a cup of water, then witnesses said he poured the water all over their computers.

A call report said the man was also shoving, punching and pulling the hair of an American Airlines customer service agent. Witnesses said several people spent at least 15 minutes trying to calm the man down.

The situation escalated, they said, once police arrived.

A man is in the Tarrant County jail after his dramatic arrest that unfolded in front of passengers waiting for flights at DFW Airport.

“When I came up he was yelling at the agents. He was throwing water all over him,” said passenger John Huston, of Grapevine, who recorded the dramatic arrest.

The man is seen swinging at an officer.

Moments later, another officer fires his stun gun and then fires it a second time as the man wrestles an officer.

They fall to the ground. Just as police begin to get the upper hand, they said the man started biting them and reached for one of the officer’s guns.

At least four passengers, including Larry Lazar of St. Louis, jumped in to help hold down the man.

“I don't know what anyone else would have done. I had to. Number one, the gun would have been aimed at me as well as the other people,” Lazar said.

The suspect, later identified as Jerome Toson, Jr.. was arrested, treated at a hospital and taken to the Tarrant County Jail. Toson faces at least eight charges, including assault of a public servant and resisting arrest.

Passengers praised police and airline staff for how they handled the potentially deadly situation.

“I thought the agents did an amazing job,” Lazar said.

“I don't think he was thinking clearly. He obviously made a very poor choice and I have a feeling he's going to face some pretty dire consequences,” Huston said.

DFW Airport Police said they have no comment.

A spokesperson for American Airlines sympathized with what the man may have been going through, but said they will prosecute anyone who assaults employees.

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