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After Clouded Leopard Escape, Cut Found in Dallas Zoo Monkey Habitat

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A cut in the fencing of a second animal habitat was discovered at the Dallas Zoo over the weekend after staffers and police spent Friday looking for a clouded leopard who escaped an enclosure that had also been intentionally damaged.

According to officials, the second cut fence was found at a habitat that enclosed langurs, a breed of monkey.

All of the langurs were still inside their habitat and did not appear to be harmed or in any danger. A criminal mischief offense report was made and Dallas Police are investigating the incident, police said.

The cut was found after police discovered a cut in the fencing at the clouded leopard habitat, leading to one of the zoo's clouded leopards, Nova, escaping on Friday.

Dallas Police said a further investigation determined a cutting tool was intentionally used to cut open the fencing.

Nova was found on the zoo grounds Friday afternoon near her original habitat. No one was injured and initial indications showed Nova was unharmed, the Dallas Zoo said. She has since returned to her exhibit.

Dallas Police have not publicly identified any suspects or released a motive.

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