Tarrant County

After Large Snake Spotted in Keller, Experts Warn to Watch Surroundings on Area Trails

Non-venomous snake poses no threat to people; snakes move around between sun and shade in daylight hours

Keller Police

A Keller resident reported to police that they were visited by a very large scaly friend during a recent walk near the town hall.

The resident reported to police the large snake was spotted behind Keller Town Hall as their grandchild rode a scooter.

The snake, dubbed "Snake-ius Maximus" by police, then slithered its way up a tree to presumably resume observing the humans working out and taking leisurely strolls in 100-degree heat.

Keller police said the resident was able to snap a picture of the snake, which, according to a wildlife biologist, is likely either a Texas rat snake or a bull snake.

Police reminded that both species are non-venomous and enjoy meals that include rodents and other small animal delicacies, "not scooter-riding children, or adults getting in their workouts and leisurely strolls in 100-degree heat."

Experts and police both remind those on area trails to keep an eye out for wildlife. Snakes, and other cold-blooded creatures, are often active during daytime hours as they move between sunlight and shade.

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