After 182 Days, Weatherford Man With COVID-19 Leaves Hospital

Jeremy Fron was unconscious for more than two months

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A Weatherford man was finally released from a Fort Worth hospital where he spent 182 days being treated for COVID-19.

"When it took hold, it pretty much took me down,” Jeremy Fron said in an interview Friday.

He checked into Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital on Jan. 14.

Ironically his wife Katie is a nurse at the same hospital.

"Really I leaned a lot on God and my family,” she said. “I kept believing he'd get better praying."

But his condition worsened.

"I was unconscious for almost 70 days,” he said. “I actually coded once. My heart stopped and they did CPR for a minute to get me back.”

Even though his wife worked at the hospital, she wasn’t allowed to see him because of COVID-19 restrictions.

"I had people telling me, ‘Hey just go up there, you have your badge to get in,’” Katie Fron said. “I said absolutely not. Although I really wanted to. It was a torturous time."

The weeks dragged into months.

"I've equated it to riding a roller coaster,” Katie Fron said. “You go up the hill and you go down really far on that first hill and you come up. You think, ‘OK good.’ And then you go down another big hill. It was that way for months."

But finally, little by little, he started to get better.

Even being well enough to eat a slice of pizza was a huge milestone.

Fron, a father of five who worked at a tire shop, couldn't see his children for a long time either.

But he improved enough to leave the hospital July 15 – more than six months after he entered.

Hospital workers lined the hallway and gave him a grand sendoff.

He's now in a separate rehab facility -- a big step closer to going home.

"That was a good day,” he said. “I’m getting better every day. I'm getting a little stronger."

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