Affordable Care Act Enrollment Begins Wednesday

The Affordable Care Act is still on the books, and if you don't get insurance through your employer, the window to enroll for health insurance is Dec. 15.

The IRS says this year your income taxes will be incomplete if you aren't covered.

The Dec. 15 is much earlier than last year, and if you miss it you could face significant fines.

You can begin the enrollment process at healthcare.gov.

The enrollment marketplace has fewer insurance choices, after Anthem and Aetna dropped out. Eight insurers remain in Texas — and rural areas have the least choices — but most counties will have one or two insurer choices.

Premiums will likely go up this year, however, a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds many of you will now qualify for insurance for free for the first time.

It was an unintended result of changes the Trump administration made to the law.

By cutting funding, the survey found subsidies increased, making Bronze-level insurance policies free for many who qualify.

The Trump administration did cut money for the government to help answer questions about signing up for ACA.

Many organizations that support it are providing the service free of charge.

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