Matt Jackson

Traffic Camera Ban Passes Hurdle in the Texas House

A bill to ban red light cameras is making headway in the Texas Legislature. The bill has already made it through committee and has strong support in the House.

House Bill 1631 would make it illegal for cities like Plano to have red light cameras at intersections like the one at Park and Preston.

"It really is an unconstitutional system and it needs to be taken down." Said Kelly Canon, a supporter of the bill.

Canon is passionate about the issue of red light cameras. So much so that she led a petition to have them banned in Arlington.

"I decided not to stop there...let's do this statewide." she said.

Red light cameras can be found in seventeen intersections across Plano. Police Chief Gregory Rushin says he's convinced the cameras save lives.

"The worst impacts we see other than head on are side impacts and those are the things we're trying to prevent and it's something that red light cameras do." said Chief Rushin.

But House Bill 1631 would prohibit cities like Plano from issuing civil or criminal fines based on a "recorded image."

Citizens who support the measure say those who believe red light cameras save lives are simply misled.

"I say that they're buying into a bunch of malarky because it's an inanimate object pointed at an intersection." said Canon.

Over 100 of the 151 members of the House support the bill which means, if it goes to the House floor it will likely pass. ..and Chief Rushin says cities like Plano will have to adjust.

"We work for the citizens and whatever the citizens decide we're going to go forward with that." he said.

You can read more about this story from our media partners at The Dallas Morning News by clicking here.

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