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Additional Remains Found in Hunt County After Discovery of Possible Human Skull

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An investigation is underway in Hunt County after human remains were found in a rural area northwest of Greenville.

The Hunt County Sheriffs Office said it found what appeared to be a human skull along County Road 1060 over the weekend, prompting an additional search with the help of DFW non-profit MARK9.

"Sunday afternoon we arrived out there."

Handler and lead human remains instructor Mike Holmbergh said the volunteer team arrived on the scene Sunday afternoon.

He said the highly-skilled dogs are trained weekly to sniff out missing people, or in this case, to differentiate human remains from those of an animal.

"In cases where they believe there may be human remains, we'll bring out the dogs specifically trained for human remains and put them out there in the fields or woods and see if they can locate human bones,” said Holmbergh.

And he said, they were successful in locating bones that are presumed to be human.

The Sheriff’s Office said the remains will now go to the University of North Texas’s Center for Human identification to be analyzed.

According to Texas Advocates for the Missing, there are currently seven missing persons cases in the county with the oldest dating back to 1986. The most recent is the disappearance of Michael Chambers, a retired Dallas firefighter, last seen on surveillance video leaving a Walmart in Quinlan in 2017.

His family's among those waiting to see if this could be a break in their loved one's case.

“Being in the search and rescue business, we don't like to use the word closure because I don't think you can ever have closure. But it does bring families answers,” said Holmbergh.

MARK9 provides its services for free to law enforcement, fire and rescue and other agencies 24-7, every day of the year.

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