Additional Help on the Way Following Devastating Tornadoes

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The damage seen in various drone footage is the result of an outbreak of tornadoes that hit several states with Kentucky getting the brunt of it all.

Tim Marshall is a North Texas meteorologist part of a team tasked by the American Society of Civil Engineers to survey the damage on the ground.

What he realized was people were expecting a major weather event but didn’t have the structures to withstand the severity of these storms.

“This was an unprecedented event, historic,” Marshall said. “What do you do? Where do you go? Do you have a shelter that's adequate? Certainly, these houses as you can see, are not built for such a violent high-end tornado.”

Experts are trying to understand the 'why' the storms were so devastating.

“There was warm air, ushering in a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. And the wind shear set up an environment for storms to tap into that environment and thrive,” said Josh Durkee, a meteorology professor at Western Kentucky University.

Experts also note that there may be a change to what's traditionally deemed, Tornado Alley. They say it's moving, as a growing number of tornadoes now happen in states east of Oklahoma and Texas.

This time the result was more than 70 people dead and upwards of 100 still missing.

Those who did survive are left to start over.

“You just heard wind like woosh, woosh. And then like before you could hear anything, the house has dozens of windows and you just hear crash, crash, crash,” said survivor, Phillip Anderson.

Already, people are on the ground helping, and additional resources are on the way.

Members from local chapters of Texas Baptist Men sent several trucks hauling necessities, along with a mobile freezer.

Meantime, people are dealing with trauma and grappling with loss.

The crew from Texas Baptist Men arrived in Kentucky late Tuesday night. We’re told they’ll be there assisting for the next week.

For information on how you can help those impacted by the tornadoes click here.

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