Addison Company Makes Million-Dollar Investment in Children

A North Texas company has made a record-breaking investment in children, a $1.3 million donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Nerium International, the Addison-based marketing company, started four years ago and in that time has donated more than $3.5 million to Big Brothers Big Sisters, becoming the agency's largest corporate fundraising partner in the country.

"The mission of the company is 'making people better'. We do that through our products, our business opportunity and our philanthropic efforts," wrote Patricia Finn-Martillo, Vice President of Marketing for Nerium International.

In addition to financial support, Finn-Martillo said 300 members of its sales force have volunteered with the BBBS program.

"So, you can see that mentorship and giving back is a big priority for us. It’s a part of the company’s DNA, which I think is what makes our culture so amazing."

"Big Brothers Big Sisters targets the children who need mentorship most, including those living in single-parent homes, growing up in poverty, and coping with parental incarceration. At Nerium, we believe in the power of one person, mentorship, and positive associations. We believe in Big Brothers Big Sisters," the company said on it's website.

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