Addison City Council Race Has Candidates Atwitter

Two candidates are tweeting their way to the Addison City Council.

Fan Benno-Caris, 91, an accomplished race walker, was sidelined after a fall injured her leg. Now she's letting her fingers do the walking -- on Twitter.

"I can't get out like my opponent and other people, and they walk the street, and they ring door bells," she said. "I tried that one day, and I walked three blocks, and I came home and I said, 'That's it. I got enough people to vote for me.'"

She said more and more people are following her on Twitter.

"I'm getting a different lingo," Benno-Caris said. "It was a different way of life for me, and I am learning how to. And I love putting on the everyday -- putting on the little -- all the news about me."

"If I'm on the council, and I'm for the people, then I need to communicate with them," Benno-Caris said.

Benno-Caris and her opponent, City Councilwoman Kimberly Lay, follow each other on Twitter. 

"If you're in a position where you want to tell people what you're doing because it's important, it's really good," Lay said. "It's helpful to know what all of us are doing. So I'm a follower, and she's a follower of mine."

The two candidates said they see tools such as Twitter becoming a new generation of political campaigning.

"To not Twitter even for a day is noticed by your followers," Lay said.

For Benno-Caris, who says she "forgot to get older," it's also the beginning of a new, tech-savvy way of life.

"This time next year, it'll be obsolete, and we'll have to start learning all over again," she said. "Life is moving fast. We have to move with it."

The election is Saturday, and both candidates said they will be updating voting results on Twitter as they come in.

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