ACORN Accuses Republicans of Voter Suppression

Group says GOP removing foreclosure victims from voter rolls

A community-organizing group said Wednesday that Dallas Republicans are trying to remove foreclosure victims from voter rolls.

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now, said the Republican Party is trying to suppress voters by purging foreclosure victims from voter registration rolls.

Alison Brimm, an ACORN organizer, said it is part of a nationwide strategy to disenfranchise minority voters.

"They're literally taking foreclosure lists and they're challenging those people's rights to vote," she said.

But ACORN said it cannot prove how or why people such as Loretta Moore were removed from voter registration lists.

Dallas County Republican Chairman Jonathan Neerman said the party has not made any voter challenges. He called ACORN's allegations "despicable."

"I think it's the worst kind of race-baiting you can have," he said. "There's been no evidence of that whatsoever. Again, we have not challenged a single vote."

The Dallas County elections administrator confirmed that Republicans have not challenged the eligibility of any voters this election.

"It just shows the kind of dishonesty that ACORN will perpetrate to try and generate the votes for their base," Neerman said.

Neerman said a press conference held by ACORN on Wednesday about the allegations was "a stunt."

ACORN's voter registration drives are under investigation in at least 12 states across the country. ACORN workers are accused of filling out registration forms with the names of cartoon characters and the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys.

Brimm said ACORN hired more than 13,000 temporary workers to sign up voters.

"I imagine there were a few workers in there that made up those names and put that info on the cards," she said. "That is not something ACORN condones at all."

She said the people accused of turning in the bogus forms have been fired.

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