About 140 Turtles Stunned in South Texas Cold Snap

Experts are caring for about 140 turtles stunned in a cold snap that left the reptiles stranded on South Texas beaches.

The National Park Service at Padre Island National Seashore on Wednesday reported most of the rescued animals are Atlantic green sea turtles.

Spokeswoman Dimitra Guerrero says the preliminary list of turtles saved since last weekend also includes one loggerhead and one endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtle.

She says turtles have been found stunned and stranded, amid temperatures in the 40s, as far north as Galveston Bay.

Guerrero says two turtles have died in the cold weather that began Nov. 14.

She says any injured turtles are treated and then taken to rehabilitation facilities, joining other turtles that eventually will be returned to the Gulf of Mexico.

If you see a cold-stunned turtle floating in the water or lying on the shore, it may appear dead but chances are it is not. Experts say you should cover it with a towel and report it to the Sea Turtle Stranding & Salvage Network at 361-949-8173, ext. 226 or page the Animal Rehabilitation Keep at 361-224-0814.

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