Gov. Abbott Makes Border Security, Ethics Bills ‘Emergency Items’

Fresh off court victory, Abbott sets goals in State of State

The governor's office released a YouTube video on Monday that asked Texans what they wanted to hear about in the address, including topics on education, transportation and veterans' issues.

Abbott's speech will lay down his vision for Texas and what he hopes the legislature will accomplish this session.

“He needs to talk about his main priorities that are not really good sound bites for campaign season, but about how the trains are going to run on time for Texas. How we are going to fund transportation, water and our human capital in the form of education? Those are the three biggies we got to get right,” said State Rep. Rafael Anchia, D-Dallas.

Among the items Abbott is likely to discuss are education, transportation, border security and lowering the tax burden.

It will be the first State of the State delivered by someone other than former Gov. Rick Perry in 14 years.

State Rep. Jason Villalba, R-Dallas, said it's important Abbott establishes himself early as a strong governor with new ideas.

“I think the focus for him will be on issues not so divisive. I think the last governor, because he may have been running for president, talked about issues that may divide Texas. I think you are going to see this governor talk about uniting Texans on issues that impact all of us,” said Villalba.

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