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Abbott Announces New Ericsson 5G Manufacturing Facility in Lewisville

The new factory will produce 5G Advanced Antenna System Radio Module products

Governor Greg Abbott announced that Ericsson Inc. will build a new manufacturing facility to produce 5G Advanced Antenna System Radio Module products in Lewisville, Texas.

Ericsson provides communication and network equipment, software, and services for network and business operations, and is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology.

"From manufacturing to technology, the Texas economy is firing on all cylinders thanks to investments of world class companies like Ericsson," Governor Abbott said. "I am proud that Ericsson has chosen Texas to expand its operations, and can assure them that as Governor, I will continue to promote pro-growth policies that reduce the heavy hand of government regulation and encourage expansion in the private sector."

The new facility will create more than 400 new jobs and $134 million in capital investment. A Texas Enterprise Fund grant of $3,592,400 has been extended to Ericsson Inc. The factory will produce 5G and Advanced Antenna System radios to boost network capacity and coverage to meet the demand for rapid 5G deployments in North America.

"Lewisville is very honored to be home to Ericsson's 5G radio 'Factory of the Future,'" Lewisville Mayor Rudy Durham said. "As one of the largest providers of information and communication technology in the world, Ericsson has consistently delivered innovative and sustainable products and services. Innovation and sustainability are also key priorities for the Lewisville community and our vision for the future. We look forward to our partnership. We welcome and congratulate the Ericsson family on making Lewisville its home for the state-of-the art factory."

Niklas Heuveldop, the President and Head of Ericsson North America, said the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb is the ideal place for the new facility.

"Lewisville, Texas is an ideal location for this showcase 5G factory of the future, demonstrating how 5G, IoT and AI will transform manufacturing, leading the way for increased investments and significant positive impact on sustainability and customer experience," Heuveldop said.

The smart factory will begin commercial operations in early 2020 and will be powered by Ericsson 5G solutions tailored for the industrial environment. Fast and secure 5G connectivity will enable agile operations and flexible production. Ericsson’s 5G industrial solutions include automated warehouses, connected logistics, automated assembly, packing and product handling, and the use of autonomous carts.

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