AA Passenger Met by FBI After In-Flight Rant

Passenger taken for mental evaluation

An American Airlines passenger en route to Los Angeles from DFW was met at the gate by FBI agents Friday morning.

According to the airline, a male passenger was acting suspiciously on Flight 2401 out of Dallas-Fort Worth and was spending a lot of time in the lavatory.

Lori Barber, who says she was on the plane, Tweeted that the man said explosives were on the flight.

The plane landed safely at LAX at about 7:45 a.m. PDT. A search of the aircraft revealed no explosives and nothing suspicious, airline officials said.

Last Friday, an American Airlines flight attendant was restrained by passengers and removed from a flight before departing DFW after claiming the aircraft was going to crash.

The man was taken by police for a mental evaluation.  No charges have been filed.

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