AA Debuts Terminal “Pet Relief” Area

American Airlines goes the extra mile for customers ... and now their customer's pets

One week after unveiling new china and silverware in business class, Fort Worth-based American Airlines has taken another step forward in customer service.

In a news release, the airline has proudly announced the creation of a new "pet relief" area at JFK Airport in New York.  Complete with a bright red fire hydrant, the 1, 000-foot patch of natural grass will give pets, "a final chance to relieve themselves before packing them away in their kennels for their flight."

"Pets have travel comfort needs too," said Joseph Daly, American's facilities manager at JFK.

Meanwhile, "FlyersRights" continued their campaign Tuesday for a passengers bill of rights that would require airlines to provide working restrooms on board planes stuck on an airport tarmac.  The group is led by Kate Hanni, a passenger who says she was stranded for nine hours on an American Airlines flight without food, water, or usable restrooms, in December of 2006.

Would "passenger relief areas" on the tarmac solve this problem?  There's no mention of that in the proposed bill of rights.  Fire hydrant, anyone?

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