A Wet, Not White Christmas

Rain Generic
Getty Images

It wasn't snow, but the Christmas weather was still frightful.

Rain poured down over much of North Texas on Christmas Eve.

Junior Williams of Shreveport, La., drove in to see family in Arlington and said the traffic conditions caused some close calls on the road.

"Safety is No 1, he said. "You've got to get there, know what I mean? That was one thing I was just thinking about, 'If I don't make it, then what?' It's so easy because everybody is thinking the same thing."

Judge Glenn was with his daughter Skylah. On their drive over from Tarrant County to Dallas, the father-daughter combo said they saw plenty of accidents.

"I've seen about four wrecks from here to Arlington -- couple guys in the ditch, couples guys on top of the mountains. It's crazy out there, " Judge Glenn said.

Dallas Fire-Rescue crews were assisting several crashes on major roadways, but not enough to shut down traffic.

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