Lexie Houghtaling

A Week of Heavy Rain Leaves White Rock Lake Filled With Trash and Debris

After a messy week of rain, White Rock Lake is left with piles of trash and debris.

“It’s kind of sad knowing this was all in the water and it’s washed up,” said Sara Frost, who’s been coming to the area for a couple years.

Officials with Dallas Park and Recreation said after last week’s heavy rain and flooding, litter has been washed up along the lake and trails.

Trail goers on Monday noticed the abundance of water bottles, soggy paper bags, and debris along their running and biking trails.

“This is probably as bad as I’ve ever seen it… I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this bad,” said Colin Raymond, a biker who’s used the trail for 15 years.

City officials said they have a plan to clean up. They said they have around 9-12 workers cleaning the area daily, weather permitting. They are first focusing on clearing the trails and pocket parks.

They also want to remind people who visit Water Rock Lake to clean up after themselves, and to not litter.

“If you’re going to use the trails, it’s nice to help out and keep it clean,” said Frost.

The group, For the Love of the Lake, also plans to have a crew out on Saturday cleaning up.

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