A Tale of Two Cities Named Reno, Texas

One of the towns is in Parker County -- the other is in Lamar County

Reno, Texas is a small town of just under 3,000 people in Parker County. It's also a small town of a little more than 3,000 people in Lamar County, near the Oklahoma border.

"It's confusing," admits Tim Holzschuh, who is police chief in Reno -- the one in Parker County. "Callers to both 911 and non-emergency can often be confused on where they need to go."

"It's never a big deal before it's a big deal," Reno Mayor Eric Hunter said.

That's why he's floating the idea of a name change for Reno, Texas (the one in Parker County). "A few people have tossed out 'Old Reno' or 'Reno West.'"

The Reno in Parker County was first. Having two cities called Reno, Texas has caused some confusion, even with the state of Texas. Officials found that out when the General Land Office recently awarded the Reno in Parker County a couple of grants.

"When they came down for an appointment with the public works director they actually ended up in the Reno in Lamar County," explained Hunter. "And so they were about an hour and a half late because they had to come back down to the other Reno."

The mayor said nothing is set in stone. He wants to hold a town hall meeting to gauge residents' level of interest in a name change, and some ideas for a new name that would retain the city's history.

"To say we are a unique city," Hunter said. "And we're the only one like it."

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