A Stranger Stole a Kid's Bike at School, Officer Works to Make it Right

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When Caio Corona went to his son’s nearby elementary school to walk his kids home on Monday, he noticed his son’s bike wasn’t where they’d left it that morning.

Corona alerted the school and Prosper ISD Officer Allen Adams checked the school surveillance video.

Just after 11:30 on Monday morning, cameras outside Furr Elementary captured video of a man walking across the parking lot, then up to a bike rack where he grabbed a child’s bicycle then rode away.

Corona broke the bad news to his 9-year-old son, Lucas.

“He put his hands on his face and said, 'but that was my bike. Why did somebody have to take my bike?'” recalled Corona.

Lucas had saved his birthday and allowance money to buy the bike.

“He wanted to buy the bike with his own money, he chose that bike and he purchased it. The bike was probably less than a year old,” said Corona.

Officer Adams took down their information and promised to follow up. Prosper ISD police asked the public for tips.

Still, Officer Adams said he couldn’t shake off Lucas’ disappointment.

“It’s just disbelief that an adult would come onto school property and take off on a child’s bike,” said Adams. “It’s very unreasonable, it’s not fair to the child.”

The next day, Adams found a similar bike and bought it. He surprised Lucas with it after school.

“I have a six-year-old that I would do anything for and I would hope that if something like this had happened to him, that somebody would try to show him some kindness as well,” said Adams.

“He was so excited, he was super happy, they took pictures together,” said Corona. “It’s something he’s never going to forget.”

Corona said Lucas came away from the ordeal, inspired.

“As soon as he got home, he said, 'I want to be a detective, I want to help people,'” said Corona.

He added that his son wants to donate his bike – if it’s ever found.

“That’s what he took from this, we can also help somebody else,” said Corona.

Adams said he’s still looking for the man who took Lucas’ bike, but is glad to know Lucas is taking comfort in the officer’s concern.

“The child, I’m sure, was having a hard time understanding why somebody would take his bike. At the same time, if we can replace that, we can show him there is good in the world,” Adams said.

“For Lucas, I think he understands there are bad people anywhere, but the kindness that he learned from Officer Adams is about always being there for somebody else,” said Corona.

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