A Rare Look at the Perot Collection

The collection, housed at Legacy Hall, is inside the Dallas headquarters of the Perot Companies

Editor's note: The following story was published June 4, 2019.

North Texas is home to many remarkable collections of art and historic artifacts. But there is one exhibit most people will never see.

It's called Legacy Hall, and it's located inside the headquarters of the Perot Companies in Dallas. Legacy Hall showcases the private collection of H. Ross Perot.

"Every gift people gave him through the years he's saved," Perot's son, Ross Perot Jr., said. "So in this hall, you've got every plaque, everything ever given to him."

The collection includes items from Perot's childhood — there is a replica of his father's business, the fully restored family car, and his boyhood saddle. You also see one of the earliest computers from Electronic Data Systems, the company Perot founded that would make him a multibillionaire.

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A replica of the Perot family car at Legacy Hall in Dallas, Texas.

"My iPhone has probably 100 times more capacity than this machine," Perot Jr. joked.

Among the more unexpected artifacts is the first mannequin ever launched into space, dubbed Ivan Ivanovich.

"My father is the largest collector of Soviet space memorabilia," Perot Jr. said.

A large section of Legacy Hall is devoted to Perot's presidential aspirations, especially his 1992 campaign for the White House. A television plays the famous segment from CNN's "Larry King Live" when Perot revealed his readiness to run for office.

"No one knew Dad was about to think about running for president," Perot Jr. revealed.

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Memorabilia from Ross Perot's 1992 president campaign at Legacy Hall in Dallas, Texas.

The Perot family's love of country and support for the military is on display throughout the hall. Statues of military leaders stand in the sunlight; there is Perot's collection of coins from Medal of Honor recipients, and even Osama bin Laden's cane from Tora Bora, given to Perot by the elite Delta Force.

And then there are the family photos and portraits. Wall after wall of faces and memorable moments, creating a larger than life picture of the Perot family over the decades.

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