A North Texas Weather Record

As they walked out of baggage claim, passengers felt the North Texas heat immediately.

"When I left this morning, it was snowing and like 35 degrees," said Amber Watson. "I definitely had to take my jacket off."

Watson is visiting from Boise, Idaho, where Thursday's forecasted high was 50 degrees cooler than DFW's high.

"It's hot to me," she added. "Compared to what I've been used to the last while. But I'll take it."

Yes, it's warm outside, even by North Texas standards.

No one complained, but Thursday's heat did catch travelers off guard.

"I didn't expect it to be this warm," said Jordan Tobin, wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. "I definitely expected it to be colder."

As one passenger said, "It's like summer time here!"

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