A Neighbor Helping Neighbors in Keller

Kris Lander reaches out to neighbors in need during a damaging week of bad weather in North Texas

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It's a scene none of us want to discover in our homes, broken pipes resulting in a mess. That's what has happened to a number of residents along Old York Drive in Keller.

"Obviously Texas isn't built to handle this extreme cold," said resident Kris Lander.

Kris Lander is one of the lucky residents. His home is fine. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for his neighbor, Josh Cook.

"My wife was outside with my daughters sledding on the hill," said Cook. "She comes in and goes, 'Josh, there's water running.' I go, 'What? Where?' She goes, 'It's in the garage. It's like a river coming down the driveway.'"

A busted pipe causing all sorts of damage in the Cook's garage; fortunately, an angel came to the rescue.

"I'm not a tradesman of any sort," said Lander. "I've just had experience and was taught how to solder by my father when I was much younger and have just kept that up and kept going with plumbing, fixing plumbing issues on my own."

"Man, he (Lander) is always tinkering on something down in his garage," said Cook. "But he is a 'Tim the Tool Man' down there man. He can do just about anything."

It's yet another example of neighbors reaching out to neighbors during difficult times.

"Hopefully other people are reaching out to one another too and doing what they can and using what skills they can to help one another during this tough time," said Lander.

Cook adds, "It's a relief knowing that somebody is either a door knock away or a phone call away and can be here and help me get through it and it's a sense of relief and maybe it's something that's getting lost nowadays the sense of community but I think we're pretty fortunate and pretty lucky to have a neighborhood like this."

A special neighborhood with caring neighbors.

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