A Movement Called ‘Everyone Eatz' Delivers Free Meals And More

Organizer Ram Mehta said they now provide free dental car, have given away cars, and served their millionth free meal to those in need.

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Vital Dental in McKinney is run by Dr. Asad Ahsan. He is all about the teeth. But he also helps some patients, in need, smile through donated services.

"You should have a way to help people,” Vital Dental owner Dr. Asad Ahsan said. “Find a way to help people. In my profession, I feel like we are in that position now that we should be helping people. It's a time where a lot of people need help."

The service is free, but he still gets something in return.

"It's a sense of accomplishment and it helps encourages us to do more and that's what we want to keep doing helping as many people as we can," Ahsan said.

Vital Dental does this through a free food movement called Everyone Eatz.

Ram Mehta started giving out free food in 2020 during the pandemic in honor of his late mother. Mehta said she always fed those in need.

Mehta extended that to anyone facing hard times, and the front-line workers.

"Cops, firefighters, veterans, healthcare workers, anybody in need,” Mehta said. “They are the real heroes. They risk their lives for us."

Now two years later he reached a milestone.

"A million meals now,” Mehta said.

Mehta said there is more to come.

"I'm just getting warmed up,” Mehta said. “There's no limit. When you do something good from your heart how do numbers matter? The more I can and more opportunity I get the more I'll help."

Mehta added as long as there is a need he’ll make sure everyone eats.

"We don't even know what's going to happen next second so as long as I'm alive I'm doing something good so my mother can be proud of me," Mehta said.

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