‘A Lightbulb Went Off': Conservative Moving Company Expands Across US

The company's slogan is "helping families move right"

Texas has a deep red reputation.

Despite the fact that two Democrats from Texas are running for president, some say more Republicans are relocating to the Lone Star State now than ever.

It's helped build the client base for a McKinney real estate company called Conservative Move.

"We basically say we rescue people from blue states," said Derek Baker, lead Texas real estate agent for Conservative Move.

Conservative Move caters to conservatives. It's slogan: "Helping families move right."

"I'd say 90 percent of the people that contact us are interested in Texas," Baker said.

Since 2017, the company claims it's relocated thousands of people from liberal to conservative states.

Matt and April Olivolo are customers who moved to McKinney last fall.

"It really came down to what we want our life to look like," April Olivolo said.

Fed up, they said, with life in liberal California, the registered Republicans said Texas brought more to the table -- affordable housing, lower taxes and a greater appreciation for veterans like Matt.

"One, they love the state, but two, they're very accommodating and they say, 'Welcome to Texas.' I lived in California my whole life and I never once said 'Welcome to California,'" Matt Olivolo said.

Conservative Move was created by Paul Chabot, a native Californian who moved his family to McKinney two years ago.

"We don't want to see a bunch of liberals move here and mess it up," Chabot told NBC 5 in 2017.

Since he launched Conservative Move, Chabot said it's grown from 12 real estate agents in five states last year, to more than 250 agents in 40 states today.

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