A Holiday Mystery: Who Is Behind This Decorated Christmas Tree in Prosper?

The tree appears each year near the intersection of Preston Road and First Street

It's a holiday mystery in North Texas.

Every year, residents say a decorated Christmas tree pops up in the town of Prosper near the intersection of Preston Road and First Street.

And to this day, people are left wondering who is behind the cheerful display.

"In describing it to my kids, I call that tree magical, like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. It just appears…it’s magic," said Kerry Harrington, a Prosper resident.

Harrington is the development coordinator with Blue Star Lane, which owns the land where the tree stands.

She said she's noticed a decorated tree each year around the area since she has lived there -- about 10 years.

"It's someone in the community, I guess, just wanting to spread the Christmas spirit," she said.

The tree has recently been the talk around town.

“There’s lots of theories as to who’s decorating it and why,” said Harrington.

Some of the residents NBC 5 spoke with wanted to know who decorated the tree, while others wanted it to stay a secret.

"I hope it remains a mystery, because that's part of the mystique of it… not knowing who did it, but just knowing that someone is sitting back and smiling as they watch the rest of us say, 'Oh look it's a Christmas tree by the highway,'" said Janet Moss, who lives nearby.

The tree should be up until Christmas for people to check out.

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