A Grieving Mother is Frustrated with Dallas' Spike in Violent Crime

The Dallas Police Department is investigating 41 murders in May alone. For one Grand Prairie mother, this is a problem that transcends city limits. She lost her own son to gun violence and says this needs to stop.

The intersection of Lakeview and Hardy in Grand Prairie is no ordinary place for Jenny Morgan.

"This is where he was murdered, so it's just kind of like his spot, you know?," said Morgan.

It's where her son, 21-year-old JePatrick Morgan-Wright took his last breath.

He was shot and killed on this corner in 2016.

It's why the last couple of months have been especially hard.

"It makes me so sad. It makes me sick. Every time you turn on the news. It's not even shocking anymore," she said.

There have been 93 murders in Dallas this year so far.

Each time there's another story, name or face, Morgan says it triggers strong emotions.

"It backs me up to that day," she says. "It makes me think another family, another mother whose heart is going to be torn up."

She's joined local groups and shows up for prayer vigils, but believes real power is in larger numbers.

"I think people need to get involved. Don't wait until it happens to you before you start caring."

She doesn't want more mothers in her shoes – missing a son.

Or to feel the pain of a having a granddaughter who will never meet her father.

"That's just one thing that I just wish I could see."

Chief Renee Hall says the department has identified eight key areas throughout Dallas where residents can expect to see an increase in patrol.

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