A February Wedding Date, But No Groom

Determined to get married, a North Texas woman has booked the date and the venue.

Now Lisa Linehan just needs a groom.

The 35-year-old musician says it is time for her to settle down.

"It started with a crazy idea, but it's gained momentum, and I got all kinds of support, and I'm having a great time dating. I hope it works out," she said.

Linehan is calling her quest to find a husband "Project Husband."

She has turned to Facebook and YouTube in an effort to market herself to potential soul mates. KDAF-TV chronicles her search in weekly segments that air during one of the station's newscasts, and she blogs about her dates on the Dallas CW affiliate's website.

Linehan has been on 46 dates so far.

"Some will run the other way," she said. "Some really embrace it. It just depends on the person."

The wedding is booked for Feb. 15, the same date her grandparents were married.

Most people may think the idea of booking a wedding before having a groom is crazy, but Linehan said gentleman callers come knocking every day.

David Tucker is the 46th.

"It's definitely brazen -- can't complain about that," Tucker said of Linehan's marriage quest. "It's good quality and hard to find."

With less than seven months before the big day, Linehan says she's not worried about finding her groom.

"I'm really hopeful," she said. "I will know in my heart who the right person is as I get closer to the date."

The Dallas Bridal show is helping her find vendors to contribute to her wedding.

"That helps with the expenses," she said. "Now I just need to find the groom."

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