Woman Anonymously Pays for Stranger's Birthday Cake in Memory of Late Husband

Grant Cerar picked up his son's birthday cake from a Kroger bakery in Rockwall to find out his $23 bill was paid by a stranger

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Grant Cerar ordered a cake for his son, Hunter's, seventh birthday. Went he went to the Kroger bakery in Rockwall to pick it up, he found out another customer had already paid his bill.

"Her husband had passed away," baker manager Connie Caldwell explained. "And so on his birthday, she pays for a cake anonymously in honor of her husband."

It's the second year the woman has done it in memory of her husband. The paid receipt came with a card.

"It says 'Happy birthday, since I can't send a cake to someone in heaven special to me, I will buy yours for you," Cerar said reading the card. "It hit me right in the feels."

It was a random act of kindness that couldn't have been better planned.

"It had a lot of meaning to me," Cerar said. "That was for my son's birthday, as well as her husband's birthday, on the same day that it would have been my grandmother's 97th birthday."

Cerar plans to pay it forward next year, doing the same thing in honor of his father. He hopes others are inspired to do something nice for someone they don't know.

"We are all tied together," Cerar said.

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