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Words That Can Help Sell Your Home



    Words That Can Help Sell Your Home

    A new report shows certain keywords used to describe your house can help it sell faster and for a higher price. (Published Monday, May 29, 2017)

    "Luxurious," "captivating" and "subway tiles."

    Add those words to your listing and you can increase your home's value.

    New analysis from Zillow Digs shows certain words in a listing can mean the difference between your home sitting on the market or selling quickly.

    The team at Zillow Digs determined barn doors up your home's value by 13 percent, helping it sell 57 days faster.

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    Listings touting shaker cabinets sell 9 percent above expected and 45 days faster.

    Add pendant lights, and they can raise the price of your home by 5 percent, helping it sell 48 days faster.

    Another big draw for home-buyers: heated floors.

    This amenity will increase the value of your home by 4 percent and help it sell 28 days faster.

    To optimize your home's selling features, you should also think about using flattering adjectives in the listing.

    Longer descriptions help a home sell for more money.

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    We all know location and curb appeal matter in real estate, and so do words. That's something to consider if you're having a hard time selling your home.

    So what if your home doesn't have any of the features mentioned?

    Real estate experts don't recommend you renovate right away, because that money can be saved for the purchase of your new home.

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