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Woman Survives Near Miss on I-635



    A woman who had just been involved in an accident of her own on Interstate 635 near the Royal Lane exit when, stepped out of her car and narrowly avoided getting hit by another vehicle. (Published Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014)

    A woman who narrowly avoided being run over on a snow-covered Dallas highway Thursday morning says she had no idea how close she came to a brush with death.

    "I'm blessed. I'm very blessed to still be here," Jasmine Concha said hours after the incident.

    Concha, 27, had just been involved in an crash on Interstate 635 near the Royal Lane exit when, dazed by the impact of her airbag, she stepped out of her Kia Optima and onto the still busy interstate.

    "I know I didn't have no sense to get out of the car," Concha said. "No one was there to help me. I was trying to get somebody to help me and nobody wanted to stop and I guess everything happened within a split second."

    Moments after Concha stepped out of her vehicle, a black pickup truck slides by at a high speed apparently unable to stop due to the icy conditions.

    Seconds after that, just after a tow truck pulled up to help Concha, who by that time had slipped and fallen on the snow and ice, a silver Lexus comes into view, narrowly misses the Mesquite resident and slams into her car's open door.

    Chopper 5 was overhead and caught the whole scene on video.

    "I didn't know [how close it came.] I didn't know at all. I was just, as soon as I got into the accident I was so in shock," Concha said. "Now that I see it I'm like, 'Whoa that's scary.' It's a scary feeling and I'm just blessed that I'm still here."

    The driver of the Lexus who hit her car did stop to see if Concha was OK, she said.

    Concha's vehicle was badly damaged in the two crashes and Dallas police had it towed to the city impound yard, Concha said.