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White Rock Lake Cyclists 1, Pedestrians 0



    Pedestrians vs. Bikes on White Rock Trail

    A Dallas man says he was struck by a pack of passing cyclists on the trail around White Rock Lake. (Published Monday, Aug. 23, 2010)

    David Garrigan doesn't have a problem with cyclists riding around White Rock Lake, but he's not a fan of packs of cyclists.

    Garrigan says he was hit while walking late last month by cyclists passing by at a high rate of speed.

    "I'm in a walking stance, and he clipped the edge of my elbow, which was a real stinger, and I kind of pulled back," Garrigan said. "I'm yelling at him at he's going by, you know, cussing at him. "

    Garrigan said there were about 40 cyclists in the group, and the last rider stopped to see how he was doing, before peddling on with the group.

    Garrigan provided cell phone video of a previous close call. The video shows a big group of riders zooming by Garrigan, many of them within inches of him.

    "This pack will come by. They'll tell you they're on the left, but you almost get blown over by the wind of the pack as they go by," Garrigan said.

    Garrigan said he's talked to city officials about trying to slow down cyclists with speed bumps. He has even talked to park board members about breaking up big groups of riders into smaller groups, to prevent congestion on the busy trails.

    If things don't work out, Garrigan said he'll consider a petition that would ban cyclists from certain parts of the trail around the lake.