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TxDOT Camera Issue Resolved

Water damages TxDot's camera computers



    All 300 of The Texas Department of Transportation's DFW traffic cameras are back in operation after all but one-sixth of them were knocked offline Monday following a water main break.

    On Monday, Mark Pettit with TxDOT said a busted water main at the Mesquite Dal-Trans Center left TxDOT technicians with access to only about 50 cameras.

    The glitch means TxDOT can't flip a switch to get a camera view of what's slowing down traffic.

    "There's a stalled vehicle, somebody's on the side of the road, or it could just mean
    congestion, in any case, it's going to mean it needs to be visually checked," Pettit said.

    TxDOT Camera Computers Damaged in Flood

    [DFW] TxDOT Camera Computers Damaged in Flood
    Tonight TxDOT is warning people about a problem that could cause trouble during your commute for days or even weeks.
    (Published Monday, Feb. 20, 2012)

    That will slow down response times for TxDOT crews to clean up or assist with traffic accidents.

    TxDOT is still trying to determine which piece of equipment was damaged by the water. If it's a power supply piece, Pettit said the cameras could be back up in a few days. If it's a "switcher", Pettit said it could be much longer.

    "It's a highly specialized piece of equipment, it needs to be configured, programmed,
    tested, it's a couple of weeks, " Pettit said.

    The TxDOT cameras in the Fort Worth region were not effected.