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Watch and Burn?



    Watch and Burn?
    Photos of onlookers pulling over to watch a grass fire on December 23, 2010.

    Maybe it's because we spend many days staring at our chopper feed, taking aerial photos of house fires, apartment fires, wildfires, etc., but we can't seem to figure out what the allure of this particular event was to the crowds that gathered on the banks of a creek near Centerville and Miller in Garland.

    Click here to see photos of the event.

    With the area's dry conditions, it's no wonder we've had many fires spring up in the last few days, but this one isn't threatening homes nor is it particularly spectacular -- especially compared to the near-annual events at our sister-stations in California.

    So why are people leaving the highway to stop and look instead of Christmas shopping, traveling to visit family, or just going on with their daily lives?

    Call it the wonder of nature, or the thrill of something wild -- but you'll have to call us confused...