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Wanna Iguana? You'll Have to Wait



    Wanna Iguana?  You'll Have to Wait
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    A free-roaming iguana.

    The SPCA of Texas has asked Petco stores to halt efforts to allow for the adoption of 2,000 seized animals, the Star-Telegram reported.

    On Wednesday, WildRescue Inc., who was given custody of the 2,000 animals from the SPCA, announced the animals would be up for adoption at more than 20 area Petco stores.  Later in the day the SPCA asked that the adoption be put on hold since the store required that possession of the animals be turned over them, which the SPCA said was giving the perception tha tthey were going back into the trade industry, the Star-Telegram reports.

    The animals were a small percentage of the 27,000 seized in a Dec. 15 raid at U.S. Global Exotics in Arlington. The animals were among the 27,000 seized by Arlington over inhumane conditions. The pet wholesaler on Jan. 30 lost its appeal of a judge's order that bars the return of the exotic creatures to the company.

    Now, the SPCA said they will continue to work with WildRescue Inc., to find the animals loving homes.

    The SPCA of Texas has placed many of the seized animals with zoos, sanctuaries and welfare groups.

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