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Wall of Complaints Grows in Garden Park



    Plans for a 12-foot wall in a new Downtown Dallas park have sparked complaints from neighbors.

    The Belo Garden Park will be built on Griffin between Commerce and Main Street.

    The wall would be constructed as a safety barrier along the entrance driveway to the neighboring 1200 Main Street condo building, also known as The Metropolitan.

    Resident John Weber said the wall would create a dark alley adjacent to the new park.

    Park Plans Not Sitting Well With Everyone

    [DFW] Park Plans Not Sitting Well With Everyone
    Neighbors at the Metropolitan high rise condo are upset about what they claim is an ultimatum by planners of the new Belo garden park.
    (Published Monday, Feb. 21, 2011)

    “We’ve got a big safety concern about who’s going to be around the other side of the wall. What’s going to happen on one side of the wall versus the other?” Weber said.

    Weber said property owners were told they could avoid having a wall if they closed their driveway but he said that it is the main entrance to their building.

    “How are we going to have careening cars in this small driveway that’s got six speed bumps when we’ve got 35, 40 mile an hour traffic on three other sides of the park. I don’t understand the argument,” Weber said.

    He also said view from the residents side of the wall would be unattractive cinder block instead of an appealing park.

    “Visually it’s not going to be a good thing for any of us,” Weber said.

    But, resident Chris Burns said he prefers having a wall to closing the driveway.

    “I’m alright with it, yes. If they want to put it up, put it up. It’s not going to affect us. What it will affect is the other downtown residents that now have a barrier,” Burns said.

    The park has been in the works for years at Dallas City Hall as part of a downtown parks master plan including Main Street Garden Park, which is already open.

    The $14.5 million dollar Belo Garden Park is funded with $8 million from the city and $6.5 million from media company Belo and people connected with it.

    A private foundation was established to design and construct the park.

    Jennifer Pascal with Allyn Media in Dallas is a press contact for the foundation.

    She said no one with the foundation was available to answer questions Monday, but as it stands, the wall remains in the park plan.

    Many of the neighbors have sent e-mail to Dallas Councilmember Angela Hunt, whose district includes the site.

    Monday was a City of Dallas holiday. Hunt could not be reached for comment.

    City records show the park is due to open in February 2012.