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Volunteers Erasing Graffiti in Carrollton

Volunteers donate time and supplies to get rid of graffiti in Carrollton



    Volunteers Erasing Graffiti in Carrollton
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    A volunteer graffiti removal program in Carrollton has saved the police department at least $90,000.

    A group of North Texans is leaving its mark on Carrollton by painting over graffiti around town.

    The graffiti removal program run by the Carrollton Police Academy Alumni Association Citizen Volunteers has removed nearly 450 instances of graffiti.

    "It can lessen the value of a particular area, and it can attract more crime, so that's why it's important for us to remove it," Officer Wes Rutherford said.

    The police department said the volunteers have saved the department at least $90,000.

    "It is a big problem here -- schools, parks, all sorts of stuff. Public businesses get hit. They hit private businesses," said Kwal Paints store manager Chris Shepard.

    Kwal Paints donated 300 gallons of paint for cleanup to the graffiti abatement program.

    "It is just that extra inventory that we have sitting around that we've got really no use for, and here's a perfect use for it," Shepard said.

    The equipment the volunteers use to remove the graffiti is paid for by donations or out of their pockets, so contributions like Kwal's allows them to tackle larger problems.

    The CPAAA is hosting a garage sale that will help benefit the program May 6-7. For more information about the garage sale or to make a tax deductible donation, visit its website.