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Volunteers Buy Home For Woman After Paralyzing Car Crash



    Volunteers Buy Home For Woman After Paralyzing Car Crash

    Inspired to help a new friend, Brendy Kirkland and a team of volunteers spend three months trying to change a woman's life after a car accident left her paralyzed with five young children to take care of. (Published Monday, Dec. 25, 2017)

    It’s been more than a year since the car accident that took her body’s ability to move, but that accident did not take Dominique Tillis’s spirit.

    “I just talk to God all the time and try to stay positive,” she said from her hospital room.

    She said it’s her five children who keep her going.

    “Oh, they’re the world to me. They keep me wanting to live and keep me wanting to fight to get better,” Dominique said.

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    But a lack of money and medical care delayed her rehabilitation, that was until she met nurse Brendy Kirkland.

    She normally treats cancer patients, but hospital overflow landed Dominique in her care and their friendship began immediately.

    “But I always say, ‘she’s my sister from God,’” Dominique said.

    “I first took care of Dominique October 5th,” Brendy said. “I just noticed that she always smiled, she was always thankful, she was always appreciative and the more I learned about her story the more I realized that she had so much to be angry for, but, there wasn’t an angry bone in her body.”

    Determined to help her, Brendy posted on Facebook pledging to “change the course” of Dominique’s life and asked others to help her do it.

    “And I just knew that the voice inside me said, ‘you have to do something,’” Brendy said.

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    Brendy started immediately by being Dominique’s advocate: finding her a better medical bed to help heal her bed sores and finally getting her a wheelchair, after a year without one.

    “She definitely gets stuff going,” Dominique said.

    But it wasn’t enough for Brendy.

    “And I said, ‘you know there’s a family out there that could buy a house and a car for her and literally it wouldn’t touch their checkbook,’” Brendy said about a conversation she had with a co-worker about Dominique. “But it’s so hard to find that kind of a giving spirit. And literally a week later I called her and I said, ‘he just showed up.’”

    “He” is a man named Bill. He learned about Dominique’s story through Brendy’s facebook post, which his daughter Katie read.

    “The divine intervention of this whole story was that she [Brendy] met my father who is one of the most incredible men ever,” Katie said. “He is amazing and has a heart of gold that would give to someone he’s never met.”

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    The first big gift that Dominique received from Bill and his family was a customized Suburban that was made to fit Dominique’s wheelchair, her five children, and her mom—who moved in to take care of Dominique and her children.

    The family of seven shared a two-bedroom apartment and Dominique’s medical equipment took up one of the rooms.

    “When my dad called me, after Brendy and I spoke, and he goes, ‘let’s find them a house,’ and I was like, ‘you are out of your mind!’” Katie said. “But when he says that he means it and so I’m a realtor and I immediately started looking that evening for houses and this was the first day we’d spoken with Brendy.”

    Within weeks, a house was purchased and gutted. A group from Brendy’s church called “The Hope Team” remodeled the entire home in less than a month and at no cost.

    “God has been so like, ‘do not give up. I will put the people in the path that need to be there,” Brendy said.

    The morning of the reveal, a crowd of friends and volunteers waited on the home’s front lawn for Dominique’s arrival.

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    This was the first time she and her family would be seeing their new home.

    “Okay, where do you want to go first? Your room?” Brendy asked Dominique while wheeling her into the front living area.

    Dominique’s room is the biggest in the house and it has space for everyone.

    “Look at my room ya’ll! The tree is in my room!” Dominique said. “Absolutely gorgeous.”

    And for her children, the best surprise for them?

    “I thought we had to share a bed!” Journee said.

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    For the first time, they all get their own bed to sleep in.

    “I thank God for all of this,” said Jadyn, Dominique’s oldest son.

    God, working through some dedicated servants.

    “What amazes me is, you know, people are like, ‘oh my God you’re such a blessing to her,’ but when you do something like this—the blessing comes back,” Brendy said with tears.

    She followed her faith and formed lifelong friendships.

    “I have a sister forever now,” Dominique said.

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    And thanks to the help of countless volunteers, they did what Brendy pledged to do: change the course of Dominique’s life.

    “It’s definitely a blessing,” Dominique said.

    Inspired by this project, Bill, Katie and Brendy started a non-profit together called, “Anonymous Angels” to continue blessing others in various ways. If you’d like to help them, or know someone in need, email them at: anonymousanglesllc@gmail.com.

    If you’d like to donate to help Dominique and her family, donations can be sent to:

    Pathway Church

    C/O George Wiederaenders

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    P.O. Box 182

    Burleson, TX  76097.

    Please make sure the donation notes “FBO 001/010/40110 #42 Dominique Project” in the memo line.

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