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Violent Crime in Dallas Increases

Dallas sees 25-percent increse in violent crime



    Violent Crime in Dallas Increases

    There is a disturbing new crime report from Dallas -- overall crime is down just eight tenths of a percent in 2012, but violent crime is up 25 percent.

    After eight straight years of big crime reduction, one might expect the city to say crime rates can not get much lower.

    "That would be a great excuse," said Dallas Police Chief David Brown, "except we're wanting to be the safest city in the country and we haven't achieved that yet, and so it's not going to be an excuse that we can't do it again because we've had such great success."

    "We're confident that we'll continue to reduce crime." said Brown.

    Though unpopular with some officers, rotating detectives back through patrol shifts is one of the measures credited with helping edge the numbers down further last year.

    Chief Brown says he will keep pressing for more ways to cut crime.