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Vigilant Man Saves Neighbor From Burglary

Grand Prairie man wakes up and watches a burglar breaking into his neighbor's home from his second-floor window



    Grand Prairie Police say Dalyn Martinez was arrested after a homeowner saw him breaking into a home. Police say Sehavica Johnson was his accomplice and that the pair may be responsible for another burglary in the area. (Published Thursday, April 24, 2014)

    Hector Martinez was taking a nap with his baby daughter on April 8 when his dogs woke up.

    "Right after the dogs were barking I heard the glass break," he said. "I got up off the bed and looked outside the window. I noticed the guy was on the side of the house, after he finished breaking the window, I saw that he crawled in and knew that he had no business doing what he was doing."

    That man, police said, was 24-year-old Dalyn Williams.

    Martinez said when the home alarm sounded, Williams jumped over the fence onto his property. His mother-in-law, Maria Martinez, said she felt helpless.

    "We was terrified over here, especially because we have the babies and my other granddaughter," she said. "I go to my room and open the window and the guy was over there running. And the police pass, so my son-in-law call the police and say, ‘No! Come back, because the guy is in the alley.’"

    Minutes later police arrested Williams and his suspected 24-year-old accomplice Sehavica Johnson.

    Neighbors, including Harold Rogers who lives next door to the house that that broken into, are relieved.

    "I may have to, at our next barbecue, invite them for a burger and a hot dog," he said.