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Victim Wants Closure From Hit-and-Run Driver

Woman says she forgives but wants to meet driver who fled scene



    Hit and Run Victim's Emotional Plea

    Omega Jones was almost killed by a hit and run driver last week near Highway 67 and South Cockrell Hill Road in Duncanville. Now she wants the unknown driver to come forward. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012)

    A woman who was struck by a hit-and-run driver in Duncanville on a highway off-ramp says she wants to meet the person who hit her and her friend.

    Omega Jones and her friend Marteen Reed where struck on a US Route 67 ramp near Cockrell Hill Road on Sept. 13. They and Reed's husband had pulled over to change a flat tire.

    Jones was on the grass, far from the road, when a car hit her and Reed. Jones has a broken left femur, broken right wrist, a rod in her left leg, a fractured right ankle and a fractured clavicle.

    "From my injuries, I am really not supposed to be here," she said.

    Jones said she wants to meet the driver.

    "You know, at least we could have that one-on-one connection," she said. "I know you were not trying to do this to me. I understand that. No one ... intentionally sets out to hurt someone."

    Wednesday was only Jones' third time out of bed in a week.

    "It hurts like, yeah, the Dickens," she said.

    Jones said she doesn't remember what happened but has seen dashboard camera video recorded by an officer who was on his way to help the vehicle.

    "I was like 'Wow,'" she said. "You see this type of stuff in movies and you see it on TV, and you think, 'Oh that'll never happen to me,'" she said. "And, wow, that is you. I still can't believe it."

    Jones doesn't get emotional about her injuries but does when talking about the closure she desperately wants with the unknown driver.

    "Just know that I'm not mad at you, but I think, in your best interest, it would be better if you did just come forward and just say 'OK it was me. I did it. Now what do I need to do?'" she said.

    Jones said she isn't sure when she will be released from the hospital but knows she'll be in a wheelchair as she goes through physical therapy.